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Powerful magic and romance in the tradition of Elizabeth Lowell and Lynn Kurland – indulge in this second book of the drákon by Shana Abe. Zane, Rue’s spirited young orphan sidekick from The Smoke Thief, has now grown into a hard and dangerous man who is leader of his own gang of thieves and the only human privy to the secret of the drákon. Now they need his help to recover the Draumr, a diamond of legend with the power to control the drákon. On arriving in Hungary Zane is astounded to encounter Lia, the youngest daughter of Kit and Rue.
Lia has lived her life with the knowledge that in a family full of the strongest and most talented drakon, she is the only one with no powers, but when she finally develops some they manifest in strange ways, giving her the ability to glimpse the future in her dreams. And for the past five years these dreams have shown her that Zane is destined to be her lover, but also the destroyer of both her family and her race. Willing to risk everything to change fate she travels through Europe to track down Zane before he encounters the Draumr and sends their lives on a tragic spiral. Zane has always discounted Lia as the quiet one, but this headstrong beauty is full of secrets and gifts which no one imagined and as they hunt for a fabled jewel she’ll lead him on the ride of his life. This was another fascinating glimpse into the world of the drákon and we’re salivating for more.
Book Format: Paperback

Copyright: Blaze Dale Pty Ltd 2004
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