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At the end of Queen of Dragons we were left hanging with some unsolved issues. Several villagers from Darkfrith, England, and the Lord Rhys Langford (second Drákon alpha) were missing, feared dead by the hands of the dreaded sanf inimicus, the humans relentlessly dedicated to exterminate all Drákon. Seamstress Zoe Lane’s fiancé is one of the missing Drákon. She’s so distressed when his letters from the Continent stop that she simply walks out of Darkfrith – unheard of! – to venture forth to rescue him! Brave woman! What the rest of the village doesn’t know is that Zoe has Gifts, something extraordinarily different from any other Darkfrith female – and instantly, if made known, means she must marry an Alpha Drákon, willing or not (she’d rather not). She can turn invisible, and she can feel other people’s emotions and hear their thoughts. Armed with these formidable Gifts, she manages to astonishingly infiltrate the sanf inimicus and track the imperiled Drákon. This is a beautiful story of a long-time, unbreakable Drákon bond – the love between Rhys and Zoe, denied when she was younger, and complicated by the very real concern she has for her missing fiancé. Nothing is as it seems, and danger, death and deception lurk in every corner. This is a dark and compelling chapter in the story of the Drákon, a must read for fans of this series!

Start with Smoke Thief, Dream Thief and Queen Of Dragons.

Book Format: Paperback

Copyright: Blaze Dale Pty Ltd 2004
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