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Forget Betsy Taylor. It’s time to take a bite out of Jane Jameson. But be quick, we don't know how much longer they will be in print for. Just as Jane Jameson's unlife seems to be stabilizing, fate sinks its fangs firmly into her butt. Despite her near-phobia of wedding planning, her no-frills nighttime nuptials to her sexy boyfriend, Gabriel, are coming along smoothly. That is, until she turns a fatally wounded teenage acquaintance and the Council pronounces her responsible for the newborn vamp until he can control his thirst.
Jane's kitchen barely holds enough Faux Type O to satiate the cute teen's appetite and maintain Gabriel's jealous streak at a slow simmer. As if keeping her hyperactive child from sucking the blood out of the entire neighbourhood isn't enough to deal with, the pernickety ghost of Jane's newly deceased grandma Ruthie has declared war on the fanged residents of River Oaks. Suddenly choosing monogrammed cocktail napkins and a cake she can't even eat seem downright relaxing in comparison.
Tensions inside the house are growing and outside, a sinister force is aiming a stake straight for the centre of Gabriel's heart. Most brides just have to worry about choosing the right dress, but Jane fears that at this rate, she'll never make it down the aisle for the wedding all nice girls dream of.
Excerpt: I didn’t know how comfortable I was mixing my supernatural friends and my family. I mean, sure, my parents hosted a beautiful baby shower for Jolene. But at the time, they didn’t know she was a werewolf. And Andrea had been human at the time. Now that my family was aware of my friends’ “unique” nature, I expected it to feel different.
I hadn’t counted on them bonding over their mutual exasperation with me. My clumsiness, my stubbornness, my ability to injure myself or others just by walking across a room. It was the stuff of instant sisterhood.
Kick off with Nice Girls Don't have Fangs, Nice Girls Don't Date Dead Men and Nice Girls Don't Live Forever.
Book Format: Paperback

Copyright: Blaze Dale Pty Ltd 2004
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